“You Have A Little Breast Cancer”…Four Years Later!

Four years ago today, my surgeon said the words, “You have a little breast cancer.” (that is kind of like being a little pregnant – you either are or you aren’t – unfortunate words on her behalf!) That little cancer turned into rounds of chemo, multiple surgeries, the discovery that I’m positive for the BRCA 1 gene and that I also had primary peritoneal cancer – not once but now twice.

Don’t ever allow a physician to minimize your diagnosis – no matter the size of the tumor, the type of cancer or the prognosis. It is a really scary diagnosis! Your emotions are valid!

Four years later, I wear my scars like the powerful woman that cancer has made me become! Four years later I am connected to thousands upon thousands of women and men who have stared down cancer and said, “Nope not today! Today I win!”, while looking over our shoulder to see if cancer is calling our bluff. Four years later my faith in a powerful, loving Creator is stronger than ever because I have seen, felt and experienced the love of the universe hold me tightly during some of the darkest moments I have ever felt!

Four years later, I bought myself some sunflowers, gave myself a hug and said, “Dang, Life is GRAND!”

Those who are getting a diagnosis today – I pray God’s peace. Those receiving treatment today, I pray God’s peace. Those who are called to give of themselves and love and care for those going through treatment, I pray God’s peace. Those who are providing health care – loving, caring, diagnosing, holding hands with, laughing, talking about the “Walking Dead” (Ok – that was my oncology nurses – man they ROCK!) – I thank you from the depths of my being and I pray God’s peace.

Love this life people! Love each other! Love our God – it is all we “got”!

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